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What is the mailing address for WWB? Water Without Borders Corp., 10 Cole Road Suite A, Pleasant Valley, NY 12569

How do I unsubscribe from the e-news letter? To unsubscribe from the news letter email information@waterwithoutborders.net put unsubscribe in the subject line and please type your name and the email address you want to have removed from the enews letter.

How can my company work with Water Without Borders? Water Without Borders proudly shares the common goals of finding solutions to the world's water problems, as well as providing access to quality and sustainable water. Companies that would like to assist can call 845-240-1040 for more information.

Does Water Without Borders have any political affiliations? Water Without Borders is a nonpartisan organization.

How can my company sponsor a Water Without Borders event? WWB tries to make it affordable for all companies
(large and small) to get involved; we have mountable waves of sponsorship to learn more email frank.evert@waterwithoutborders.net.

What kind of gifts does Water Without Borders except? Water Without Borders greatly appreciates any and all financial
donations as we work on supplying everyone with clean water. There are several ways to make a gift to WWB. Depending
on your level of interest you can make a onetime gift, a monthly recurring gift, a gift of securities (donation of stock) or
prepare for extended giving through our planned giving program. For general donations both onetime gifts and recurring
monthly gifts you can donate online. For planned giving and donation of stock please contact WWB for more details at

What kind of auction items does Water Without Borders except? Water Without Borders accepts most items of value.
For example Art, sport, entertainment, and all new items that have a dollar value of at least 25 dollars. WWB does not
except any kind of food or perishables for the simple reason we don’t have the capability to refrigerate. If you need to
find out where to give food please call your local UNICF chapter. WWB also reserves the right to dispose of any idem we
receive as we see fit.

Where do I send auction items? Water Without Borders Corp., 10 Cole Road Suite A, Pleasant Valley, NY 12569

Can I pay for a whole project? Yes, you can pay for an entire project, we have projects that start at 5,000 dollars and
we also have larger projects that you may pick from.

Can I make a pledge payable over several months? Yes. A pledge is a commitment to donate cash or services over a
specific period of time.  You choose the total amount that you want to donate and the time period that you would like to
spread your payments over, Donors may choose to send their payments to Water Without Borders via mail, or may opt to
have payments automatically withdrawn from their bank account and wired directly to Water Without Borders.

Is my donation tax deductible? Yes your donation is tax deductible. Donors should always consult their personal tax
advisors for specific tax deductibility advice and determination.
Water Without Borders is not a tax adviser, finance adviser
and or an investment consultant of any kind.

Is Water Without Borders Corp a 501C3? Yes, Water Without Borders is a 501C3 and our Employer Identification
Number is: 26-1632703 DLN:17053087305008

Does Water Without Borders provide funding of any kind? No, unfortunately Water Without Borders is not a grant-
making organization. Instead, Water Without Borders acts as a marketplace that matches ideas, resources, and
knowledge and facilitates effective partnerships that result in success full projects.

What is the Organizations 3-digit NTEE code? The Organization's 3-digit; NTEE code is: q33

How can I volunteer? You can volunteer by emailing information@waterwithoutborders.net, put volunteer in the subject
line and in the body of the email list all your info and a brief description of your strengths. And we will get back to you
within 5 business days.

What is Water Without Borders mission? This is a brief description of our mission; Water Without Borders is committed
to supplying clean drinking water to the world’s citizens. We will research different communities across the globe to
determine where we can make the biggest impact. This may be accomplished by any number of ways. It may be as simple
as delivering bottled water, drilling wells, laying new water mains or installing a water plant. We will also have our
resources in place here in the United States in case of floods, earthquakes, hurricanes or manmade disasters.Water
Without Borders has a talented network of individuals and companies who are committed to carrying out the companies’
goals. Water Without Borders would like to purchase a disaster relief trailer that can reach most places in the US in 24
hours. This trailer will be able to bring relief to those in need within minutes of arriving on site. We cannot be biased to
any one method of water filtration. There are many different ways to purify and provide potable water. WWB will not
jeopardize the success of any project. We can’t put a price on the value of a life.

What makes Water Without Borders unique? Water Without Borders is unlike other nonprofits in one respect: it is
determined to change things now, by discussing some of the world’s most pressing problems; detailing successful
responses to them; seeking the best new solutions; and most importantly, requiring each member to make a specific Commitment to Action.

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